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If you are wanting to unravel a long standing disordered relationship with food or simply want to ensure that you instill positive eating behaviours in your children then Healthy Intuition has a service that could help you.

We understand the complex nutritional, behavioural, emotional and sociological impact that a poor relationship with food can have.

The services offered are based on a combination of established nutritional guidance along side the most up to date research on the principles of intuitive eating.

Intuitive Eating is an evidence based framework that helps you people feel more confident about food choices, body image and movement. If you are a parent with an unhealthy relationship with food we can help you break the cycle and support you with methods and practical advice that can help you raise your children to be confident little eaters that grow up to have a healthy relationship with food.

"No dieting, no written rules and restrictions, no guilt"

Three Steps to a New You

Why choose Healthy Intuition?

There are numerous places that you can go to for advice on eating habits, there are friends and family, WW or Slimming World, your GP or health practitioner, a Nutritionist or Dietician or simply Dr. Google. Then there are the diet books, healthy eating books, celebrity suggestions, diet tracking apps or even the new Noombot! The list is exhaustive and I want to help you to decide which is the right route for you because at Healthy Intuition we know that your time is precious and just filtering through these options can feel like an exhausting task!  If you feel like you meet the criteria below it is worth you booking in a discovery call to find out more.

"Accepting where you are at right now is the first step to positive change"

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What is Intuitive Eating?

The theory behind intuitive eating was developed back in the 1990’s by two forward thinking and experienced Registered Dieticians, Evelyn Tribole MS, RDN and Elyse Resch, MS, RDN. Since then the research that supports their theory that we are born with all the biological pathways to maintain a body weight that is healthy for us, has just become stronger and more validated. The principles of Intuitive Eating now provide an evidence-based framework to help people feel confident around food choices, body image, and movement.

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