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The weaning process is a big milestone for both you and your baby and can be an exciting yet anxious time for parents. It is natural to feel a little anxious, this is the start of your baby’s relationship with food and a major step in their independence. So much is learnt at this stage by both you and your baby about how you both respond to feeding. 

You might say that I have knowledge and experience in ‘infant feeding’ but there is something about this term that I don’t feel comfortable with. Feeding, to many, means the provision of food to meet a nutritional requirement for your baby or toddler but, the eating experience and how future eating behaviours are established involves so much more than that.

In fact, if we only focus on making sure we get the right nutrients into our child we miss so many of the other vitally important aspects of developing a healthy relationship with food. Not only that, current research is leaning towards the fact that our bodies actually metabolise the food we eat differently depending on the emotional state we are in when we eat that food i.e we could eat a very ‘healthy meal’ but actually our body may not utilise all the goodness if we are stressed, upset or anxious during the eating experience whereas we could eat and enjoy what is perceived to be a ‘less healthy meal’ and we absorb all the nutrients and process fats more effectively. Our gut reacts differently when we eat in different environments and responds to how we feel, as well what we consume.

I do hope that that has not blown your mind too much! It does help however to understand that being relaxed when eating with your baby or toddler is just as important as the food you are offering and that you can connect with them during the eating experience.

So how can we help you feel more relaxed and connected around feeding and eating with your baby/toddler?


How can we help you feel more confident about feeding your child?

Raising Confident Eaters - Online Course

Whether you are worried about choosing the right weaning method for your baby, want to discuss weaning with other mums or really want to understand how a baby’s feeding experiences in the first few years of life contribute to their relationship with food in the future then this course can support you. The sessions offer some nutritional advice but they mainly focus more on connecting mums to find practical ways to create a healthy food environment, nutritionally, behaviourally and socially. 

We all want our children to grow up to be healthy and feeling confident about themselves and their body, to be kind enough to themselves that they choose foods that they enjoy and will nourish them rather than just comfort them. Learn how to prevent/minimise fussy eating, challenging food behaviours and support your child to feel relaxed around food and their bodies. 


6 Week course - Every Tuesday Evening 7.30-8.30PM 

Cost £45

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Introduction to changing children's eating habits - Online Course

This interactive webinar provides a brief overview of the small things that you can do everyday that impact on your child’s eating habits in the future. It is designed to help you identify strategies that you can implement quickly and easily in your home to encourage healthy eating habits in your child. It is not so much about the ‘what’ is good to be feeding your children but more about the ‘when’ and ‘how’. It will help you feel confident that you understand the skills you need to help them develop a healthy relationship with food

1-2-1 Consultations

If you have concerns about your child’s eating behaviours and would prefer 1-2-1 support with this you can book an individual consultation. This is usually a one off consultation where I can listen to your concerns, offer advice or signpost you to other relevant services should that be required.

Eating behaviours that I can support with are food refusal, fussy eating, improving variety in the diet and irregular/concerning eating patterns. For allergies, intolerances and sensory impairment I can refer you for more specialist advice if needed.


Initial Consultation (1hr) – £45 (online/zoom) £70 (face to face)

8 Week follow up (8 x ½ hr) – £180 (online/zoom)

Initial Consultation online plus 8 week follow-up package – £195

‘Raising Confident Little Eaters’ online course (6 weeks x 1hr) – £45

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